Yavor Siderov

Yavor Siderov is in charge of documentary.bg's international liaisons. Yavor is an experienced journalist, academic and lecturer in history, politics and international relations. Documentary cinema dealing in historical, ecological and anthropological themes is a long-standing passion of his and that drove him to accept the team's offer to join in. An entusiastic travelller, cook and swimmer, Yavor lived, studied and worked on four continents. His dream is to journey around the world in an old beat-up four-wheel drive in order to study the human impact on nature in the centres of ancient civilization. He would like to combine a popular scientific and historical-anthropological method in writing a book and filming a series of documentaries on his findings. Yavor loves playing the drums. He is active in several organisations focusing on migrant and refugee welfare and owns - or rather, is owned by - a fat grey British shorthair bearing the operatic name Mimi.