Varna - Prima Europaea

We go back in time to the Golden ages of Varna to meet the first civilization that worked gold in history. In the company of Angela Arthur, Michael Black and Jonas Tolkington and the joyful actors from Varna Puppet Theatre we start a journey through the colorful city with over 2600 years of history.

The most spectacular documentary film ever made for the Bulgarian sea capital.The city with over 2600 years of history and the oldest gold in the world. Actually the Trojans found the first civilization to work gold in history while sailing along the north shores of Black Sea. The sea brings all kinds of people here. Angela and Mike have come to Varna to seek enlightenment in the wisdom of the ancient city. Angela is from Nigeria. She works as a professional model, but don’t be mistaken by her fine female nature. She is also a skilled cadet. Mike is from the UK. He was member of the legendary Brighton-based ska band Skippy the Fridge. They want to know more about this mystical culture of Varna that left the oldest golden treasures ever found. We go back in the Golden ages of Varna.

Кадри от филма (фотогалерия)