It's not surprising

It’s Not Surprising, it's Not Strange, It's Not Funny

It’s Not Surprising

It’s not suprising at all that the title theme to Sofia – The History of Europe was written as far back as the mid-eighties. It is in full accord with the capital’s motto, It Grows But It Does Not Age. That is obviously not quite the case with the author Simeon Germanov, who goes by the nickname Dedo Moni (Grandpa Moni).
Three decades ago Moni lived an idyllic boyhood in a no less idyllic Sofia. Late socialism did nothing to disabuse Moni of his youthful naivete and optimism.
The decay of Marxist dogma in Eastern Europe coincided with the growing popularity of ‘60s, ‘70s and 80’s rock’n’roll.
The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Genesis, Styx and countless others stimulated the teenage Moni to write and perform his own material.
It’s Not Strange is one outcome of this stimulus, recorded decades later.
Soon there will be a fuller version with vocals and lyrics.

Written by Simeon Germanov
Drums and Bass: Georgi Varamesov
Guitars: Simeon Geramanov
Recorded at Retro Studio