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This site exists to open new vistas on documentary filmmaking, vistas that may otherwise remain unseen. In these corporatised times ideological considerations seem to drive everything and more rigid ideology means greater budgets but less creative freedom. We are beginning to forget that a valuable piece of work can be made for a fraction of the cost the syrens of cash will have us believe is necessary – or less. Do not turn up your noses at independent work, it is well worth your attention. The only disadvantage to creativity the independent way used to be that it’s hard to promote it and therefore, get it noticed. Thank God nowadays we have alternatives.
documentary.bg is not a site for low-budget documentary filmmaking. It is an arena for unorthodox theses on history, politics, culture, sport and more. It takes a long hard look at jungles, too – urban and otherwise.
documentary.bg is a platform for telling real stories. They originate in places you may have heard of, may have even visited but you are not likely to be very familiar with. The site is registered in Bulgaria though it could have been based anywhere in Eastern Europe. We just happened to get it off the ground here. Bulgaria has been at times the crucible of events and processes central to European history and we look into those but our general outlook is much more cosmopolitan. Creative artists of all hues hailing from all over the world are free to air their points of view on global events and processes. Documentary.bg is a site for untold stories from popular places and stories begging to be told from the backwaters of this world.
The more varied and heterogenous people’s takes on history the better, we say. That is why everything here comes free of charge. You may download, view and share for free. Should you like to distribute, just write to us – we will assist you. Or go ahead and do it yourself.
If you like this site and are happy to contribute, every cent you spend will go toward telling the stories that happened but you may never have seen were it not for documentary.bg

The Western Gate of the Eastern Roman Empire
Soon expect here the new premiere of the movie "The Western Gate of the Eastern Roman Empire".