Boyan Stoyanov

Born on 6 July 1980 in Stara Zagora.Graduate from Kr. Sarafov NATFA in Zheni Pashova's class. Actor at SPT, Varna since 2004. Casting in: Storm - Prince Ferdinand, The Little Sunflower - Murcho the Tomcat, Thumbelina, A Story About the Singing Tree - the Prince and the King, The Sleeping Button - the Fool, Spring Frolics,The Frog King - the Frog, The Snow Queen - Kay, The Little Parrot Rony - the parrot Rony, The Cave and the Shadows, Little Ida's Flowers, Christmas Tree, Some Peculiarities of the …Puppet Theatre, Beauty and the Beast – the Beast, The Curious Friedrich – Friedrich, Christmas Magic, Mozart and Salieri – Mozart, Grandpa and the Turnip, Christmas Stars, The Happy Prince, Outlook of a Stump, Bollywood,Christmas Magic, Тhe Island of Songs, Nine and a Bit, Mushroomy, The Magic Tinder , With a Light Step and Other Tries, Little Wizards, Legally Liar, Christmas Bells, Silent Legends etc. Director of the performance Christmas Bells.Guest starring in the performance Boryana of Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre, Varna. Starring in the Italian TV movie Dalida 2004. Awards: collective Award for the performance A Story About the Singing Tree from the 13th IPF The Golden Dolphin 2005, collective Awards from international festivals for the performance Thumbelina, collective Varna Prize for The Cave and the Shadows 2007, individual Varna Prize for the Beast`s part in Beauty and the Beast 2009.