Momchil Alexandrov

The Institution – Momchil Alexandrov

Producer. Director. Screenwriter. Cameraman. Editor. Musician. Visionary. It won’t be at all suprising to those in the know if during a shoot Momchil took on make-up, wardrobe, special effects, catering, supervision or, for that matter, acting. For someone of such diverse talents he is suprisingly easy to get along with. Moreover, he is equally talented at all the things he does, and that is genuinely impressive. Could that be due to his early exposure to different cultures? He traveled and lived in Morocco, France, Spain and of course, Bulgaria. When one travels the world and makes the humbling discovery of one’s one insignificance in the global scheme of things – and still celebrates life - then and only then one attains the maturity necessary to let one’s talents, and not one’s ego, lead the way. A great conversationalist, talented visual artist, Momchil has overcome the conceits of his profession and is equally at home in front and behind the camera. He seeks the art in himself, not himself in art. He has a wealth of experience as the creative force behind ads, docs, shorts, full-feature films, various experimental projects etc. He is even the official photographer/cameraman of the Spanish football team Ceuta! He was Director of Photography of Yariv Lerner’s Yoga Warrior. He produced, directed and shot live perfomances by both Julio and Enrique Iglesias. Master of long panoramic shots. His lens is always trained on life. And art. A critical mass of such talented altruists endowed with vision and experience will change not merely Bulgaria but the face of modern civlisation. Momchil is the owner of In Frame Productions, a company that has a back catalogue of numerous productions in association with local and international partners of high repute. Momchil directed, shot and edited "Stara Zagora – Witness to History" and edited and cut "Asenovgrad – Heavenly Jerusalem".