Valeri Pastarmadzhiev

Valerie Pastarmadzhiev began as a musician when he was a teenager in his hometown - Stara Zagora. In the 90s hang around in basements and attics with bass guitar, somewhere invented by his older brother. In 2005 he married and moved to the capital, where in 2010 was born his son Nicholay. In the same year legalized his musicianship skills, completing NMA "Professor. Pancho Vladigerov" with specialty Bass Guitar. Approximately in the same period he began his active performing around Sofia scenes with various groups, including "Train Station", "Swing Regime", "Overtone" and various other bands and musicians.He has special attraction to bass and jazz, but he feels satisfied and while playing bass with rock band "FACES". He composed the music for the very famous documentary "Bratsigovo - The builders who put the clock back to the future".