The White tale of the Black sea

The White Tale of the Black Sea This is the biggest film project about the town of Byala. This documentary was filmed by BG-USA-RUS team. The viewers will be able to see some of the well known phenomena that have put this small town in the university programs all over the world.

One of these phenomena are the White Rocks. Approximately 65 millions years ago, when the masters of the Earth were the dinosaurs, a large meteorite fell in Yucatan, Mexico. The squeals of this collision reached Bulgaria. The White Rocks are one of four such phenomena on Earth. The rocks are located close to one of the coziest beaches in Bulgaria – in Byala, adjacent to one of the best preserved Byzantine wineries that recently attracted the attention of archeologists from all over the world. These and many other stories are presented in The White Tale of the Black Sea.

Кадри от филма (фотогалерия)