Polski Trambesh - 17 kilometers Road to the Future

What is the key to the human progress? This story begins in 1901 when the Polski Trambesh train station was opened in reestablished Bulgaria. These 17 kilometres of railway road were the trigger for an economic boom in this region. Can environment exist in harmony with modern technologies? Future modern cities could only learn from the story of this little town.

A young city hides in its depths the layers of ancient history. How it has become a successful city from its establishment until today? One number gives impetus to the development of Polish Trambesh. The construction of 17 km. railroad connects the city with the rest of Bulgaria. This small step leads residents of Polski Trambesh beyond the borders of their country. All new ideas they successfully implement in their own city. Spas, weekly market, prehistoric mounds, the history of the surrounding villages Karantsi, Maslarevo Orlovets, reconstructions of the skulls of Tsar Kaloyan, Foreign Minister Simeon the Great and of Karavelov. These are just some of the topics narrated in the film.

Executive Producer
Director of Photography