Yambol - the Town of Living Magic

There are people who are the true guardians of ancient knowledge. We call them - priests, wizards, druids, witches, mages, dervishes. There are not many places on the world that have preserved this knowledge till today. Where the magic is still alive. One of these places is Yambol.

Modern Yambol has inherited the magical tradition from antiquity. Across the world there are many religions and customs where the participants put on masks. In the region of Yambol and Kabyle, however, the roots of these customs predate the advent of Christianity by millennia. The scary masks and the constant ringinging of the bells ward off the evil forces. These rituals are performed every year to renew the earth after winter. In other words this is a continuation of the ancient magical tradition. Whatever they call them- Babugeri, stanchinari, dzhamalari, brazai or kukeri, one is sure- they are the modern priests of living magic. The true bearers of the philosophy of life.

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